Thursday, April 20, 2006

Changes to 0.3.0

When I first put together the 0.3.0 release I didn't notice that sorting wasn't working. My bad, I've put together a 0.3.1 build with it re-enabled.

I also spent the day adding what I call "DoubleClick To Play." Double-click a song anywhere and it'll automatically start playing. If you already had a song playing it'll just shove that back onto the end of the queue. It's a neat way to quickly put together a playlist while playing music, because the queue effectively acts as a play history. After an hour or so of playing you end up with a nice little snapshot of the songs you like to hear. A quick Right Click -> Select All -> Add to Playlist saves them forever. And yes, part of this update was support for adding songs from the queue to playlists.

Also, there was a bug in removing songs from your library. Basically, the songs were removed from the library cache but a dumb sql typo meant they weren't being deleted from the database. That was fixed.

Also fixed a bug that wasn't correctly grabbing the ID3 song name tag from files, so the song names should actually display correctly now - assuming the file has ID3 tags.

Puma 0.3 Released!

So 0.3.0 was released late last night, well, early this morning would be more accurate. I didn't actually take the time to keep a comprehensive change-log, but this version is actually a fairly accurate representation of the look and feel of what version 1.0 will be. Work from now on will consist mainly of user interface stuff - lots of shortcut keys, double clicking to play songs, general speeding things up. Also volume control will be made a lot smoother, and seeking capability will be added.

As always, you're welcome to post your questions and comments here.

Nick out.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Puma 0.2.1 Released!

Hi guys. So this is going to be where I post what's going on in the world of puma. For now I'd like this to serve as a feedback venue / community until I get some sort of actual forums up. Although developement is going to be mostly closed for now, the more cooperation during the design phase the better puma will be. The idea was to create a media player that's truly geared toward the user's interests, instead of a business model (*cough* songbird *cough* iTunes).

Anyway, PUMA.0.2.1 has been released in the downloads section. Try it out, at least the parts that have been implemented, hopefully have some fun. Then post your impressions here - hopefully we'll be on our way to creating an OpenSource media player that you would actually want to use.